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Oppose Harmful Internet Sales Tax Legislation in the US

There are efforts in Congress to try to jam harmful Internet sales tax legislation into a large, must-pass spending bill. Under this proposal, items sold to buyers from small, out-of-state companies, artisans, and average consumers over the Internet will be taxed. Small businesses that use marketplaces will be harshly impacted as there is no small business exemption and they will be forced to meet costly, resource constraining, out-of-state compliance and audit requirements. But you can help stop this misguided proposal.

U.S. appeals court in San Francisco will hear net neutrality appeal

Supreme Court set to tackle Internet sales tax question

Oppose Internet Sales Tax in New York

The New York State Legislature is once again threatening to impose a new sales tax burden on your favorite Internet marketplaces. The pending proposal requires Internet marketplaces to charge sales tax on purchases that were previously sales tax free. Small businesses in New York that use marketplaces will also be impacted as the cost to do business increases. As New Yorkers, it’s time to take a stand against burdensome public policies that increase costs for consumers and businesses in your state.

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to allow Internet sales tax collection

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