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When it comes to ecommerce, legislators have immense power. If you sell online, you’re probably already aware that legislators can affect your bottom line – and even threaten your company’s very existence – by creating unfair commerce policies.

The best way to protect yourself and ecommerce is to make your voice heard in the halls of power. Signing up for Main Street can help you do just that.

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While we focus on a wide variety of ecommerce policy issues globally, here are 3 examples of current issues:

  • Internet Sales Tax – for the last several years eBay Main Street members helped put a stop to several potentially harmful Internet sales tax bills. But U.S. Congress continues to consider damaging Internet sales tax proposals, so the fight is far from over. We need your help.
  • Cross-Border Trade – Many online businesses aren’t reaching their full potential because of outdated trade laws. Congress will continue to debate changes to U.S. trade laws, and other countries will be doing the same. These debates could affect a wide variety of global small businesses so your voice needs to be heard.
  • Postal Reform – Small, internet-enabled businesses rely on the USPS to remain competitive with large, multi-channel retailers. As the Postal Service's single largest package customer, eBay supports postal legislation that helps the postal system remain reliable and affordable for the small ecommerce businesses that use eBay. Join our efforts to preserve a postal system upon which small businesses can rely. 

These are only 3 of many issues that affect ecommerce, and by signing up for eBay Main Street, you can speak up for a fair online marketplace for companies of all sizes.

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