Action Center

Action Center

While the eBay Government Relations team is quite effective, nothing compares to the impact of elected officials hearing directly from you — their constituents — on policy issues that impact small Internet-enabled businesses.

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Tell Congress Not to Enact a New Internet Sales Tax

Big box retailers and revenue-hungry states will continue to lobby Congress for new Internet sales tax measures in 2018. We have spent the last decade fighting against an unfair Internet sales tax on behalf of small, Internet-enabled businesses in the US, and we’re not going to stop now. We urge you to continue to make your voice heard on this important subject.

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Find and learn about your elected officials at every level of government. Simply enter your address to find your Federal and State representatives and elected officials.


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Voting is every US citizen’s privilege and it provides an opportunity for you to help shape our country. Make sure you’re prepared to cast your vote by exploring voting information and resources below. Review important election dates and deadlines, find out which candidates will be on your ballot, and learn more about upcoming elections. Once you’ve taken the time to educate yourself, make sure you get out and make your voice heard on or before Election Day!


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When it comes to ecommerce, legislators have immense power. If you sell online, you’re probably already aware that legislators can affect your bottom line – and even threaten your company’s very existence – by creating unfair commerce policies.

The best way to protect yourself and ecommerce is to make your voice heard in the halls of power. Signing up for Main Street can help you do just that.

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