Enabling Growth for APEC SMEs


For the first time eBay has undertaken research on APEC member economies to determine the reach and impact of Internet-enabled trade for eBay sellers.

Cross Border Trade represents 22% of eBay Inc’s business. Our cross border trade grew 26% year on year, representing $13 billion in sales. Bay apps are available in forty languages.

eBay is one of the world’s largest enablers of commerce, providing an online marketplace and an online payment platform for SMEs across APEC. In 2012 alone it enabled $175 billion of commerce.

A majority of these enablers are SMEs who are also active exporters. eBay commercial sellers based in China export to an average of 63 countries around the world! It’s the highest number among all APEC member economies. This creates further job opportunities and propels economic growth.

In other APEC member economies the figure is equally impressive, and includes Korea (57), Hong Kong (57), Taiwan (48), and Thailand (45).

These small businesses are able to export, due to low barriers to entry created by Internet platforms. Instantaneously they can list an item and to sell to more than 145 million global buyers. They do not need to have a physical stockpile, or physical address, nor limited by geography.