Commerce 3.0: A Springboard for Turkey's Small Businesses to the Global Economy


Global trade is undergoing fundamental changes. Through online networks and digital services, small businesses are able to reach beyond a local consumer base and access global markets like never before.

Commerce 3.0 is the term we use to describe this coming together of online and offline worlds and the merging of local and global markets.

And Turkish entrepreneurs take part in this trade revolution. They are leveraging innovative tools and solutions to build successful global operations.

This report sheds light on how Turkish firms use eBay and PayPal as their springboard to customers in as many as 175 different countries. The report draws on a detailed analysis of data on eBay and PayPal transactions conducted by firms based in Turkey. A detailed description of the data sources can be found at the end of this report.

The research result presented in this report tells us that the Internet, technology and innovation together create a truly global marketplace where also smaller sized, less experienced and remotely located firms can enter, grow and compete along side the larger and more experienced ones. Indeed, our research shows how eBay and PayPal link Turkish entrepreneurs to international markets and provide unparalleled opportunities for small businesses wherever in Turkey they are based.

However, despite these positive trends, some barriers to technology-enabled trade remain, in particular for the small firms which are the major beneficiaries of it. This report therefore concludes with a discussion on such trade impediments that are particularly relevant for Turkey.

We invite you to read about an emerging new type of global trade, unleashed by innovation and inclusive to firms of all sizes and all across Turkey.