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Small Online Business Research

Conducting innovative research that supports sound ecommerce public policy.

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The eBay global marketplace sits at the nexus of technology and commerce, transforming the way goods are bought and sold. Our small online business research examines how globalization and technology empower small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in a more inclusive and robust economy.

Equitable Entrepreneurship: Empowering Women Through eCommerce Report

While the pandemic impacted people across the US from every walk of life and segment of society, from early on it became clear that women were disproportionately impacted economically and socially. This report explores how selling on eBay, whether to run or build a small business, or just as an individual to earn extra income, proved helpful to women during the pandemic. It allowed women to earn income, support their family or small businesses, and work flexibly and safely from home at a time when many were burdened by increased household and childcare responsibilities.

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