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The eBay global marketplace sits at the nexus of technology and commerce, transforming the way goods are bought and sold. Our small online business research examines how globalization and technology empower small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in a more inclusive and robust economy.

Louisiana Small Online Business Inclusive Growth Report

What’s in the report?

Read eBay’s Louisiana Small Online Business Inclusive Growth Report to gain insights into the trade and growth of eBay-enabled small businesses in Louisiana and the US. The report includes an analysis of new enterprise formation on eBay compared to the traditional economy across Louisiana’s 64 parishes based on their economic vitality from 2011 to 2016. Key findings include that nearly every eBay-enabled small business in Louisiana (and the US) is an exporter reaching customers around the world, and that small business growth is more balanced and inclusive on eBay than in the traditional economy - including greater rates of growth in the less well-off parishes across the state.

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