Small Online Business Inclusive Global Trade Report

eBay is Empowering Small Businesses to Export Worldwide

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Our Small Online Business Inclusive Global Trade Report reinforces the fact that ecommerce enables small businesses to export regardless of their home market, the overall trade balance in their national economy, or the level of development of their domestic market.

Top Findings Include:

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Nearly Every eBay Small Business in Every Country is an Exporter
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eBay Small Businesses Export to Far More Countries Than Traditional Businesses
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eBay Small Businesses are Collectively Virtual Export Giants
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eBay is Expanding Export Diversity for Greater Growth and Resilience
  • Anna Packer
    eBay’s global marketplace has fueled the growth of my business and opened doors for me I never thought possible. It is a platform full of opportunities!
    Anna Packer
    Annaesthetic Miscellany
    Flowery Branch, Georgia
  • Koichi Watanabe
    eBay is a platform where people can purchase fine Japanese products safely and securely from overseas, so my buyers seem very happy, and I feel rewarded for it. I initially entered the domestic ecommerce market as a sole proprietorship, but since I started selling cross border on eBay, have been able to continuously increase sales as a business for more than 10 years.
    Koichi Watanabe
    NBZ Japan
  • Martin Cernic
    We are so thankful for eBay being such a great partner and empowering us to sell our products overseas and reach so many new customers!
    Martin Cernic
    Move Marine ApS
  • Mahesh Gupta
    Ever since 2007, eBay has played a key role in enabling the growth of my cross-border business. It has stood by our side since the early days when we shipped 2 packages per day, to now when we are handling 200+ packages per day. Their consistent efforts towards our combined partnership have helped us become experts in all payment and shipping processes while doing our cross-border business.
    Mahesh Gupta
  • Ajay Mirchandani
    My sales used to be limited to whomever could visit my physical store, but now over 100 million shoppers worldwide can purchase my goods. I take great pride in having an international small business and that would not be possible without eBay.
    Ajay Mirchandani
    Bleacher Bum Collectibles
    Richmond Hill Ontario, Canada
  • Paul Jonas
    When I got started, I didn’t give much consideration to reaching customers outside of Germany. That changed when I saw how easily eBay connected me to the global marketplace. Now, I sell all over the world and it has really helped my business grow.
    Paul Jonas
    Cologne, Germany

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