Nate Vogel

About Nate Vogel

Nate Vogel owns and operates Theo’s Treasures, an eBay storefront that specializes in selling pre-owned clothing. After receiving his engineering degree, Nate taught computer science to high school students until the COVID-19 pandemic, when he grew dissatisfied with the behind-the-scenes aspects of teaching. He had sold stuff on eBay as a casual seller beforehand, and had been selling online while working as a teacher: in 2020 he decided to stop teaching and focus on his eBay business part-time while taking care of his young son.

Malena Martinez

About Malena Martinez

Malena Martinez worked at a vintage store while she was in college and loved giving beautiful vintage pieces a new life and home. Shortly after she graduated with a degree in fashion design in 2003, Malena started her own brick & mortar boutique. She expanded her boutique to eBay online sales in 2005. Her business specializes in women’s antique and vintage clothing and accessories, and today has sold over 6,700 items on eBay’s platform.

Alicia Wright

About Alicia Wright

Alicia Wright owns So Much Sole Sneakers, an eBay storefront specializing in sneakers, activewear, streetwear, fashion apparel, and accessories. Before starting her own business, Alicia and her partner Heather both worked in the healthcare industry. The pair began to plan for growing their family when the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the burden on healthcare workers. Both Alicia and Heather started their eBay businesses in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, and were able to capitalize on eBay’s wide buyer base and seller protections.

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