eBay Government Relations

eBay Government Relations

The eBay global Government Relations team represents the interests of eBay, StubHub, and all other eBay businesses before governments around the world through legislative & regulatory work, advocacy programs and global commerce policy thought leadership.

We monitor and are actively involved in a wide variety of legislative and regulatory issues around the world on behalf of the eBay community. Our focus is providing buyers and sellers globally with the ability to move goods via the internet with minimal legislative interference. Visit the Issues section for more detail on all of the ecommerce public policy issues we monitor.

Areas of Focus

In addition to tracking and managing a wide variety of ecommerce issues, the eBay Government Relations (GR) team focuses on several areas critical to providing a safe environment for our customers while giving them a voice in the halls of power around the world. These areas include:

Government Affairs

The GR team advocates for legislation and regulation that supports commerce, the interests of eBay, and its community of users around the globe. Our team interacts with government officials, politicians, and public policy thought leaders. Additionally, GR liaises with our merchants around the world to gain their insights on how regulations might affect their businesses.

Advocacy Programs

Government officials listen best when they hear from their constituents. This is why the GR team offers a variety of advocacy programs that provide our customers with an opportunity to communicate with legislators on issues important to internet buyers and sellers. Digital “grassroots campaigns” give our customers a quick and easy way to make their voices heard in the halls of power through email, social media, and online petitions. The GR team also created the Small Business Ambassador Network to honor the most dedicated members of our eBay Main Street community while helping them shape public policy that protects and promotes small businesses.

Regulatory Activities

eBay's Regulatory team creates the policy framework to effectively manage eBay's regulatory, industry and brand risks. This framework helps to create a trusted marketplace by keeping prohibited items off our site while providing buyers and sellers with access to a broad variety of goods. The Regulatory team engages and builds relationships with global regulators, law enforcement, non-governmental organizations and private industry members to:

  • Communicate eBay's policies
  • Maintain the safety and security of the eBay marketplace
  • Ensure eBay's business interests are not adversely affected
  • Protect eBay buyers and sellers

Antitrust/Competition Team

The eBay Antitrust/Competition group ensures that eBay complies with the varied competition laws that exist in the many jurisdictions in which eBay operates. Additionally, the group works to ensure that eBay and its sellers have the opportunity to compete on an equal basis and on a level playing field in all of countries in which eBay offers services around the world.

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