Tell Congress not to enact a new Internet sales tax

Big box retailers and revenue-hungry states will continue to lobby Congress for new Internet sales tax measures in 2018.  We have spent the last decade fighting against an unfair Internet sales tax on behalf of small, internet-enabled businesses in the US, and we’re not going to stop now. We urge you to continue to make your voice heard on this important subject.

Participation is easy – just fill out the form on this page to send a letter to your members of Congress and/or tweet them. Let them know that you oppose any attempt to pass a new Internet sales tax.

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Oppose New Internet Sales Taxes

Dear [Official],

As your constituent, I ask that you oppose any new Internet sales tax that harms small online businesses. Today, the Internet helps many small businesses compete, but taxing them like multi-billion dollar retailers is only going to stifle their growth. Many Internet sales tax schemes will also give tax collectors unprecedented authority to impose costly audits and unnecessary litigation on out-of-state small businesses. 

The priority should be to protect small businesses using the Internet – they are the backbone of the US economy. Congress should help small businesses grow, not use new taxes to drive them off the Internet. Please oppose any efforts to pass Internet sales tax legislation that harms small, internet-enabled businesses.

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