Take the SME Ecommerce Competitiveness Survey

March 14, 2017

The International Trade Centre (ITC) – an organization of the UN and WTO, and partner to eBay - has launched a survey to understand the challenges faced by SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) engaging in ecommerce, in particular cross-border trade. All SME’s are invited to take the short, anonymous survey to make their voice heard on these crucial issues. The survey will be live until Friday, March 17 and is intended to help SMEs strengthen their international competitiveness through better trade.

eBay has worked with the ITC before, partnering on a project to offer access to global ecommerce to entrepreneurs in developing countries. eBay and the ITC agree that “ecommerce is increasingly important for small and large businesses alike.” The ITC also rightfully points out that “while many enterprises find that ecommerce can be a profitable way of reaching customers, many others still face a lot of challenges and issues when doing ecommerce.”

eBay calls on all entrepreneur to fill out this important, short survey. The answers are fully anonymous and the survey is available in English, Spanish, and French. Answers are key to helping official agencies at the highest level, such as the ITC, to understand the challenges that SMEs face when engaging in cross-border ecommerce. According to the ITC, the results “will help shape practical solutions and global policies to reduce the barriers that enterprises (…) face in international ecommerce.”

Thanks in advance for your contribution!