The European Commission's new rules favor the eBay community

April 27, 2010

This week, The European Commission adopted new rules governing selective distribution, including protections against unnecessary online sales restrictions. eBay has worked hard for our members to ensure favorable e-commerce legislation. With this latest passage, the e-commerce world takes a major step forward.  The new rules safeguard against the misuse of selective distribution, especially for everyday products, and include new measures that foster greater transparency.

In principle, the new rules are clearly [hugely] positive for e-commerce.  The new provisions recognize the growing importance of online distribution channels and question whether everyday goods should benefit from online sales restrictions under selective distribution.  By bringing EU competition rules up to speed with today’s consumer expectations, the European Commission has demonstrated its commitment to a robust and equitable marketplace.

eBay’s commitment to the interests of European SMEs and consumers helped shape the debate and ensured a favorable outcome for our stakeholders.  eBay thanks our Global Government Relations team for representing the eBay community throughout this long process.  We look forward to keeping our sellers informed of the latest developments in the coming weeks and months.