eBay Policy Lab Highlighted as “Thought Leadership in Action”

November 27, 2018

The Public Affairs Council recently highlighted the eBay Public Policy Lab as part of their feature on impactful thought leadership. They examined “Thought Leadership in Action” and described the essential components of a thought leadership campaign, ways to measure impact and campaigns that moved the needle.  They detail the Policy Lab’s approach, research time horizon, and how the research results are used by company executives, policymakers, as well as business and technology experts from think tanks and academia. The feature also contained case studies from companies such as J.P. Morgan, IBM, Patagonia, and Zillow.

The Public Affairs Council is the leading international association for public affairs professionals. Their mission is to advance the field of public affairs and to provide members with the executive education and expertise they need to succeed while maintaining the highest ethical standards. In 2014, eBay was recognized with the Public Affairs Council’s Corporate Grassroots Innovation Award, and Sharon McBride, eBay Senior Director of External Affairs, has served on the Public Affairs Council Board of Directors since 2015.