eBay Joins Panel Discussion on the Future of Retail and Small Business Growth

February 21, 2019

The city of Lansing, MI, an eBay Retail Revival partner city, hosted a panel discussion focused on the future of retail and how ecommerce can create big opportunity for small business. Lansing Mayor Andy Schor kicked off the event by providing an update on the Lansing businesses participating in the Retail Revival program and the many benefits they experience from being able to reach global markets. Alan Elias of eBay’s Public Policy Lab provided a brief overview of the eBay Retail Revival program and discussed a new eBay report which found that nearly every eBay-enabled small business in Michigan (and the US) is an exporter reaching customers around the world, and that small business growth is more balanced and inclusive on eBay than in the traditional economy - including a greater rate of growth in the less well-off counties across the state. Other panelists included Kyle Evans, owner of Luxus & Invoco, who detailed his experience as an entrepreneur and how he has been successful selling on eBay; and Ken Szymusiak, a professor at Michigan State University, who touched on the role and impact of small and independent businesses in the local economy, and how his students approach small business creation in the ecommerce era.   


eBay announced Lansing, MI as its second Retail Revival partner city in August 2018, with plans to build new partnerships with cities across in the U.S. and their local businesses in the near future. The Retail Revival program offers local, brick-and-mortar businesses and budding ecommerce entrepreneurs 12 months of ecommerce training as well as access to special tools to boost their reach and revenue, including onboarding assistance, ongoing training, dedicated customer service, and promotional support. The program harnesses the power of technology and eBay’s global marketplace to support and grow small businesses, strengthen local economies and foster vibrant community growth. We look forward to continuing this prosperous relationship with the city of Lansing.