eBay Inc. Speaks at National Association of Letter Carriers Convention

July 23, 2014

Earlier this week, Richard Nash, Head of public policy for eBay and PayPal in the Americas, addressed thousands of U.S. Postal workers at the National Association of Letter Carriers Bi-ennial Convention in Philadelphia.  The National Association of Letter Carriers is the union of city delivery letter carriers working for the United States Postal Service.  There are nearly 300,000 members of the NALC, of which about two-thirds are active city delivery letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service.

During his remarks, Nash explained that eBay is the single largest user of the USPS parcel service.  With 25 million sellers globally and 149 million active buyers –the majority of the items bought and sold on eBay Marketplaces are delivered by the USPS.  In fact, about 85% of eBay’s total domestic shipping volume is managed by the Postal Service and shipping on eBay comprises about one quarter of all packages shipped by the Postal Service. 

“We view the Postal Service as a key partner,” said Nash.  “For every individual or small business with something to sell on eBay, someone needs to pick up the package at the seller's home or small business, and someone needs to deliver it to the home or business of the buyer.  That someone, is you.”

Nash also discussed eBay Inc. supports for the preservation of the 6-day delivery schedule for the USPS in any postal reform proposal.  “We have all heard the arguments against 6-day delivery.  Some people even claim that such service is a vestige of the past, a relic that needs to be cut back.  But we see it as important for the future.”

In closing, Nash called on the attendees to support eBay Inc.’s efforts to oppose any Internet sales tax bill that does not protect the small businesses that not only use eBay, but the USPS.  “Congress is considering passing a law that would threaten small businesses that use the Internet. Many in Congress want to apply new sales taxes to all Internet transactions,” explained Nash.  “I’m sure that supporters of Internet sales taxes don’t want to hurt small businesses or the Postal Service.  And we want to reach a compromise.  But we need to educate them about how their proposals could cut back on postal volume, reducing revenues and ultimately personnel at the Postal Service.”

Learn more about eBay Inc.’s position on postal reform and the preservation of 6-day delivery standards. And visit the National Association of Letter Carriers website