eBay Inc. Hosts LAPD in Salt Lake City

October 27, 2014

Pictured from left to right: Mark Magnier (GAP), Christian Hardman(PROACT), Captain Williams (LAPD), Hawken Averett (PROACT), Stoney Burke (PROACT), Lauren Cunningham(GAP), Detective Joe Hopkins (LAPD)

Last week the eBay Inc. Global Asset Protection PROACT (Partnering with Retail Against Crime and Theft) team hosted members of the Los Angeles Police Department at the company’s Salt Lake City Office. LAPD Captain Bill Williams and Detective Joe Hopkins provided an overview of the LAPD's efforts to reduce organized retail crime. The LAPD is longtime partner and champion of eBay In.’s Global Asset Protection (GAP) Teams’ effort to combat organized retail crime.

Along with the GAP team, leaders from eBay Inc.’s Regulatory, Anti Counterfeit Operation and Risk groups presented their teams’ efforts to identify, deter and address criminal issues on the eBay platform in an effort to keep all of our customers safe.