eBay Fraud Investigator: A Day in the Life of David Napper

February 4, 2010

With its beautiful beaches, sunny weather and never-ending terrain, Australia has become a homing beacon to many, including eBay Inc. Based in Sydney, eBay.com.au has bounced to new heights in its ever-growing market.

David NapperBut, with expansion comes large responsibility. Every day, thousands of items pass through eBay and thousands of transactions are cast through PayPal. Of course, trust and security are a major concern to buyers: Who\'s responsible for handling fraudulent listings? Who do I talk to about an upcoming court case related to the eBay Marketplace? For Asia-Pacific, that man is David Napper.

A seven-year eBay veteran, Dave is the manager of the Investigations team for the APAC region. Over the past few years, Dave has traveled the length and breadth of Australia speaking to thousands of cops and other regulators to educate them on how eBay works. He has even represented eBay in Nigeria, working with Nigerian authorities to crack down on Internet scams. Dave also regularly represents eBay in court giving evidence.

iWeb recently did some detective work on Dave to find out what it\'s like to be part of the investigations team in the land down under.


Click here to see a photo collage of A Day in the Life of David Napper.

7 a.m.
Arrive at the Sydney office bright and early, just enough quiet time to peruse communications from Australian and New Zealand Law Enforcement.

8 a.m.
Speak with Christchurch Fraud Squad Detectives (New Zealand Police) regarding a trial concerning the fraudulent advertising of stamps.

8:30 a.m.
Review current affairs and media alerts for situations that may present potential harm to eBay and take appropriate action to minimize our exposure to any risks.

9:30 a.m.
Discuss upcoming course content for Tasmania Police detectives regarding internet crime.

10 a.m.
Attend a Computer Based Financial Crimes meeting at the request of New South Whales Police Computer Crime Squad and present on threats to Australia originating from West Africa.

1 p.m.
Weekly discussion time with Asia Pacific GR team about Law Enforcement matters.

2 p.m.
Take a short break and rearrange the head of Legal\'s desk while he\'s gone to a meeting. Shhh!

3 p.m.
Attend to affidavits in support of police prosecutions where police have laid charges arising from misuse of the eBay platform.

4:30 p.m.
Speak with contacts at the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria about their participation in an upcoming Symposium dealing with West African Crime.

5 p.m.
Head out the door to another beautiful day in Sydney!


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