Postal Policy

At a Glance

eBay supports postal policies that set the framework for a viable postal system, guarantee access to reliable and affordable shipping alternatives, and support the hundreds of thousands of small ecommerce businesses that use eBay.

  • Postal networks are uniquely structured to serve small ecommerce businesses that are geographically dispersed and must compete with large multichannel retailers.
  • Postal regulations and legislation should promote small businesses by guarding against rate increases, avoiding changes to the delivery week, and preserving high delivery standards. 

Issue in Detail

Postal Reform: In 2006, Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) to modify postal service operations. Since then the mailing economy has evolved, forcing the USPS to confront significant financial challenges. At the same time, the USPS must adapt to support increased global ecommerce volume.

Congress should take action and pass postal reform legislation that will ensure the postal service is financially and structurally sound. eBay believes that any postal policy legislation should:

  • Guard against rate increases that would compromise the ability of small businesses to compete against their larger competitors
  • Avoid changes to the delivery week that would limit the ability of eBay sellers to reach their customers
  • Promote a strong delivery network that preserves delivery standards and access to postal facilities

A failure by Congress to pass a USPS policy bill that recognizes the contributions of small, technology-enabled businesses will not only negatively impact small retailers, but also jeopardize the ecommerce volume that is critical for the long-term health of the USPS. 

Postal Regulatory Commission: The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) is an independent agency of the US government that has authority to oversee USPS operations. The Commission is comprised of a five-person panel that frequently hosts proceedings to examine important postal issues including changes to USPS rates and service standards. 

eBay believes that the PRC should use proceedings to ensure there is a competitive and accessible delivery market that supports low-cost and reliable shipping alternatives so that small Internet-enabled retailers can compete, grow, create jobs, and offer new competitors to established retail giants.

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