Towards the Next Paradigm: A Global, Inclusive & People-Focused Economic Model


This report argues for the crafting of public policies that recognize how small enterprises (1) do not invest directly in new “target markets” but (2) leverage the internet and platforms to reach customers in global markets and then (3) serve those customers remotely without any facilities in the consumers’ jurisdictions while (4) remaining independent.

To that end, the report presents robust data that demonstrate the real-world behavior of platform-enabled enterprises across the EU; puts forward recommendations for policy action at the EU level, proposing an agenda for the forthcoming mandate of the European Commission; and introduces an innovative modelling tool to help guide EU policy prioritization. This is a tool for analyzing how EU regions are equipped to support online commerce enterprise activity. For the purposes of this report, we have applied the modelling tool to Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Spain and the UK, home to the six entrepreneurs featured in the report. We have used the tool to identify what type of policy actions would have the greatest impact across those countries and then measure the potential regional impact should such policy actions be carried out.

Our hope is that this report and the policy modelling tool can help promote the growth of small, independent yet global enterprises throughout the EU, inspire a new policy mindset, and speed up a transition to the next paradigm where more individuals and enterprises in more places benefit from technology and globalization.