Towards Commerce 3.0 - Roadmap for Building Sustainable Growth into Commerce


This Roadmap describes a new development in the trade world presented by the combination of new technology-enabled small businesses and consumer-driven global commerce that we refer to as Commerce 3.0. Commerce 3.0 offers a new path forward for trade policy that promotes technology, entrepreneurship, and consumer welfare. this Roadmap will describe how the global potential of the Internet enables small businesses to engage in trade in a way never before imagined by advocates of trade.

Unlocking the opportunities at the intersection of technology and commerce is the goal of this Roadmap. to that end, the Roadmap looks at the technology tools that allow consumers and small businesses to engage one another in new ways, as well as at the policy implications of this new type of commerce. the aim is to offer a strategic framework for what should be a crucial policy discussion.

Policy affects the way both technology and the Internet enable merchants to enter, grow, and succeed in local and world markets. We ask policymakers to prioritize efforts that open up market access, instill trust and predictability throughout the consumer journey, and promote intermediation services and innovation.