'Online Shopping Empowers Consumers with Choices'

February 18, 2011


On 18 February 2011, Senator Stephen Conroy hosted the Online Retail Forum in Sydney. Conroy currently serves as the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

“Buying and selling online can deliver benefits to Australian businesses in the form of greater efficiencies, broader customer base and increased revenues.  Shopping online can also deliver benefits to consumers in the form of greater customer satisfaction, better product information and, in some instances, lower prices,” Senator Conroy said.

eBay Australia’s Managing Director, Deborah Sharkey, also spoke at the Forum. She addressed issues such as the popularity of online shopping, the strong Australian dollar, the convenience of online shopping, the growing influence of the smart phone and the depth of products available online overseas and within Australia. Deb also spoke about the future growth of online e-commerce and dispelled myths suggesting that all online spending is going overseas.

The forum was organized to support and encourage Australian retailers to explore online business options. To see the full speech, visit Online Retail Forum.