The results are in from the 2010 eBay Main Street Member survey

March 31, 2010

At eBay Main Street, we\'re always looking for ways to better serve our supporters. With that in mind, we recently conducted our first-ever member survey. The following is what we learned from your answers and how we\'re going to put your responses to use at Main Street.

First, we\'d like to extend a huge thank you to the nearly 7,000 Main Street members who completed the survey. Your responses will help us shape eBay Main Street to best serve you.

You told us what you most often use eBay for. About 42 percent of respondents reported they are primarily a buyer, while 32 percent said they mostly sell. About 26 percent buy and sell an equal amount.

Buyer Seller

Why does that matter? Because it will allow Main Street to create unique content for buyers and sellers, especially when it comes to what we email you.

We also asked how we can better serve you. Your overwhelming response? More policy news.

best serve

To that end, we\'ll be producing the interviews, videos, and continue to monitor and share relevant online news via Facebook and Twitter. After policy news, many of you picked "other" and expressed interest in learning more about eBay Main Street and its purpose. We\'re happy to explain!  We thought a eBay Main Street video might explain it best, so keep your eyes peeled  in the coming months.

When asked how you prefer to receive eBay public policy news, 70 percent of you chose email.

communication preference

To ensure that we\'re emailing you at your desired frequency, we\'ll publish a poll. And don\'t forget, we\'ll continue to post news and create discussion forums on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, we asked if you could buy anything on eBay, what it would be? Your answers demonstrate the goodwill and issue activism that is abundant among eBay Main Street members, and we\'ll do our best to increase that goodwill by putting your advice to good use.