Polish Ambassador Visits eBay Headquarters

April 27, 2023

Marek Magierowski and Jordan Sweetnam

This week, Polish Ambassador to the US Marek Magierowski visited eBay headquarters in San Jose, California to meet with company executives, including Jordan Sweetnam, SVP of Global Markets. Jordan shared eBay’s global business focus and priorities with the Ambassador and his team, and discussed the difficulty of operating in a European business environment where different business rules have not been harmonized across all EU countries. The team also discussed the EU Digital Services Agreement (DSA) and similar regulations that exist in the US. In return, the Ambassador and team had great questions for us on a variety of subjects, including our presence in Poland and the overall impact of COVID on our global business.

The eBay team also took the opportunity to share our 2022 Digital Density In Europe report. The report explores the robust eBay selling communities operating in a wide mix of regions across Europe, the findings of which demonstrate that digitally-enabled small businesses in every region of Europe (not just the national capital regions and urban centers) are succeeding. For example, in Poland, Warsaw dominates the Polish economy, but the Lubuskie region, with a third of the population, is tops in terms of seller activity on eBay.  

eBay very much enjoyed hosting the Ambassador and would like to thank him for spending his valuable time with us.