Now Available: New Issues in Focus Episode on Customer Service Legislation Proposed in Spain

September 27, 2022

This new episode of Issues in Focus provides background information on a new bill proposed by the Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs on regulation of customer services.  While eBay supports this initiative to improve customer services, address incidents and resolve complaints, we are concerned that the proposal implies the implementation of a large number of requirements in a limited time period.  We have advocated to Spanish policymakers to limit the application of the proposal to basic services of general interest as the problem they are trying to solve arose in this type of services, and to take into consideration the volume of business that companies have in Spain when defining the scope of the law.  The eBay Government Relations Team also expressed concerns about the potential negative effects on small ecommerce business viability and on digitalization. Thank for watching today and stay tuned for new episodes. We also encourage you to visit for more information on policy issues affecting e-commerce across Europe.