NetChoice Tells Senate that Internet Sales Tax Bill Does Not Protect Small Businesses

August 1, 2012

This afternoon, Steve DelBianco with NetChoice, is testifying before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on the potential negative impacts to online retailers if the current Internet sales tax proposal before the U.S. Senate were enacted into law.  In his testimony, Mr. DelBianco stated that “S. 1832 does not adequately protect America’s small businesses, where these new collection burdens would be disproportionately complex and expensive”.  In addition, he states that “Overturning Quill may be good news for big box retailers with websites, since they already have to collect in nearly all states. But overturning Quill will definitely raise costs and prices for small businesses that compete–and survive–via their web and catalog sales”.

To learn more about NetChoice and their efforts on Internet sales tax issues, please click here.  Please click here to read Mr. DelBianco’s full testimony.