Mexico Raises De Minimis Threshold On Imports

August 29, 2018

The term “de minimis” refers to the value below which goods can be shipped into a country before duties and taxes are assessed. This allows low-value shipments to cross borders with minimum effort, allowing for stronger global trade. Countries have different de minimis thresholds and the eBay Government Relations team has long advocated that countries raise their de minimis thresholds to promote trade.

We are happy to report that this week Mexico announced that it would double its de minimis threshold from $50 to $100 as part of a revised trade agreement with the U.S. This decision is a positive step forward for promoting trade and economic opportunities for small businesses. eBay believes that lowering trade barriers is critical to supporting small business growth and creating more access to goods for buyers on a global basis. We will continue to advocate for higher de minimis levels on behalf of our customers.