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The IA Writes a Letter to the Senate to Preserve Net Neutrality

February 8, 2018

Net Neutrality has been a big topic of conversation since the FCC voted to dismantle the Open Internet Order on December 14, 2017. This new order blocks, slows and discriminates against users trying to access the web.

Today, the Internet Association reached out to the Senate for their support in preserving net neutrality. They wrote a letter arguing the importance of a free and open internet. They stated that:

“The FCC’s recent Restoring Internet Freedom Order (the “Order”) represents the complete reversal of broad, bipartisan consensus in the operation of the internet, and leaves consumers with no meaningful protections to ensure their access to the entire internet. The current Order should not stand, and IA supports all efforts — including comprehensive bipartisan legislation — to restore strong, enforceable net neutrality protections at the federal level.”

The Internet Association strives to protect net neutrality as individuals all over the world rely on these services. They urge Congress to pass legislation that will preserve the free and open internet so that we can all have a permanent solution to this important issue. eBay supports the Internet Association’s stance against tiered network access and encourages the Senate to preserve net neutrality.

To read the Internet Association’s full letter, click here.