FCC Chairman Announces Net Neutrality Proposal

February 5, 2015

Yesterday, Thomas Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a Net Neutrality proposal based on Title II of the Telecommunications Act that is aimed at protecting all Internet access services, including wireless broadband Internet access services, from discrimination and the creation of toll lane-type “paid prioritization”. eBay Inc. made the following statement in response to the Chairman’s announcement:

“eBay Inc. has consistently supported an open, global Internet that serves buyers and sellers around the world, helping expand choice, opportunity, entrepreneurship and technology-enabled commerce. eBay Inc. applauds the commitment of the Chairman of the FCC to effectively move forward on this key Internet priority, and we look forward to a final resolution that fully protects Internet openness within a solid legal framework and with broad consensus among stakeholders.”

Chairman Wheeler will present his recommendations to the four other commissioners today and a vote is scheduled for February 26th. Find more information on eBay Inc.’s position on net neutrality and updates on the FCC proceedings.