European Parliament Adopts Digital Single Market Initiative Report

January 19, 2016

Today the European Parliament (EP) adopted its report on the Digital Single Market. This non-legislative report was driven by Member of European Parliament Kaja Kallas from Estonia, who has been a strong supporter of our Digital Single Market efforts in the EU.

In its report the EP outlines its views on the appropriate regulatory approach to the digital economy, including ecommerce The report feeds into the EU Commission’s work to prepare legislative initiatives on the Digital Single Market in the course of this year. The Commission has announced over 15 legislative initiatives, several of which have the potential to positively impact cross border trade and the business opportunities of small enterprises wishing to trade online. 

eBay is excited to see the EP create a report with such seller-focused messaging and supports policy initiatives in areas such as consumer law, reducing distribution restrictions, streamlining VAT (Value Added Tax) and parcel delivery services, all designed to make the life of small traders easier. The report – which is quite similar to our own Digital Single Market policy paper - also touches upon a number of other key areas, ranging from competition policy to taxation and data transfers.

eBay Government Relations will continue working with the European Commission and the European Parliament on these initiatives in support of our customers and all small enterprises who wish to trade online.