eBay: States Should Protect Small Business Retailers from New Internet Sales Tax Burdens

March 28, 2012

Last week eBay responded to a recent letter sent by Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) which urged his state's two US senators, Olympia Snowe (R) and Susan Collins (R), to support legislation to allow states to tax online purchases.

As a strong advocate for small business retailers and entrepreneurs, eBay believes that imposing new Internet Sales Tax burdens on small business retailers will harm innovation, economic growth and job creation.

The Internet is not a threat to small business retailers in Maine; it is a critical opportunity for your small businesses to grow.

Read eBay's complete letter, written by  U.S. Government Relations and Global Public Policy Director Brian Bieron, calling on Governor LePage to protect small business retailers from new Internet Sales Tax burdens in the State of Maine.