eBay Sponsors Forum on Ecommerce and the American Small Business

September 24, 2020

eBay recently sponsored a virtual forum hosted by The Hill focused on Ecommerce and the American Small Business.  The event featured eBay sellers Angie Nelson of eWaste Direct, LLC and Michael Swoape of One4Silver as well as Marni Levine, Vice President of Seller Operations and Engagement, eBay Americas.  The forum also included US Representatives Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Co-Chair of Smart Cities Caucus, Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) of the House Committee on Small Business, and Kevin Hern (R-OK) of the House Committee on Small Business.  Topics of discussion included the essential role ecommerce will continue to play in meeting consumer demand; how will the introduction of more small businesses to the digital, global marketplace change the way we buy and sell goods; and, what policies can be implemented to encourage a healthy environment for ecommerce users.

Marni Levine interviewed Angie Nelson as part of the event and Angie provided background on her business, which was created to divert electronic waste from landfills by offering multiple recycling services to businesses and commercial buildings throughout the greater San Francisco bay area.  She detailed how eBay allows for the extension of the life of electronics goods  by finding them a new home and provides a positive effect on the environment.  She also discussed how eBay has allowed her business to stay open 24/7 during the COVID-19 pandemic and empowers her to reach over 180 million consumers around the world.   

Michael Swoape participated as a panelist during the forum’s small business roundtable.  Michael discussed how eBay has been instrumental in One4Silver’s journey, which began in a basement apartment and now operates out of a 5,000 sq. ft. facility.  His business specializes in flatware, crystal, stemware and china and works with major brands to bring these products to online marketplaces such as eBay.  Michael also touched on how eBay creates a safe environment and provides a level of protection for buyers and sellers.

Both Angie and Michael are active members of the eBay Government Relations’ Small Business Ambassador Network (SBAN), a diverse community of sellers that advocate for policy issues affecting all small businesses.  To learn more about the SBAN, we encourage you to visit: ebaymainstreet.com/sban.

Video of the event is available here