eBay Small Business hosts local Congressman to Discuss Internet Sales Taxes

August 23, 2012

On August 22nd, eBay small business seller Concept Electronics hosted their local U.S. House Representative, Congressman Gus Bilirakis (R-FL), at their facility.  During his visit, the Congressman toured their facility, met with their employees and learned more about the challenges that small business retailers face in today’s economy, including the threat of a new Internet sales tax regime.  eBay opposes any new Internet sales tax regime that does not include a robust small business exemption that would protect small Internet-enabled businesses like Concept Electronics.  eBay believes that small business like Concept Electronics should not be treated the same as a mega-billion dollar retailer that has physical presence all across the country, but should be protected from having to shoulder the expense of collecting and remitting sales taxes for 9600 jurisdictions nationwide.

In the photo, Congressman Bilirakis (right) speaks with Concept Electronics co-owners Nancy Mashragi and Shahir Tawfik.

For more information on Internet sales taxes and how it would impact small business like Concept Electronic, please click here