eBay Seller Meets with Congressman Donovan

July 11, 2017

Viv Vasser and other local small businesses meet with Congressman Donovan (R-NY)

Yesterday eBay Seller Viv Vasser joined a small business roundtable hosted by Congressman Dan Donovan (R-NY). Viv and other local small businesses used the opportunity to discuss the public policy issues affecting their businesses with the Congressman. A wide variety of subjects were discussed, including just how devastating an Internet sales tax would be to small Internet-enabled businesses operating in his district. Viv made it a point to explain that a “million dollar business” may sound like a large business but is not, and businesses like hers are the backbone of the local economy.

Viv is the owner of an eBay store that sells unique, retro clothing. She is also a Small Business Ambassador Network member who has joined eBay in Washington, DC to advocate for small businesses at the federal level as well. The eBay Government Relations team would like to thank Viv for her continued dedication to the cause, as well as thank Congressman Donovan for hosting this important event.