eBay Publishes 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Report

April 23, 2019

*This article first appeared on https://www.ebayinc.com/stories/news/our-2018-diversity-inclusion-report/


Editor's Note: This month, we published our annual Diversity & Inclusion report and website. Read more from our Chief Diversity Officer Damien Hooper-Campbell:

We hope our 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Report gives you a pretty straightforward overview of D&I at eBay along with some examples of how we do it. We also hope that we’ve made our imperfections, learnings and ambitions clear. We enjoy this work and see it as undeniably key to our ability to thrive as a purpose-driven technology company. Thank you for your time and attention in reading this report.

But there is something else we want to say...

The reality is that no matter how purpose-driven the work is; no matter how morally-sound the intent of the work is; no matter how important to the business the work is; the work is not always easy. No, this isn’t a complaint. Our people at eBay choose to stand together on this. This work can be both rewarding and emotionally taxing. It can be both fruitful and frustrating. That is the balance and the reality. So, from us to you, we say: keep pushing.

For everyone out there experiencing the realities of this work, keep pushing. For those who are just starting and for those who have been at it longer than most, keep pushing. For those who feel they have been carrying the work alone, know that it will get better. Keep pushing. For those who may not think that they are “qualified” to be a part of this work, know that we absolutely can’t do it without you. Keep pushing. The point is...keep pushing. And please—make sure you are taking care of yourself along the way.

No matter who or where you are in the world, there exists a legacy of driven, courageous and inventive trailblazers who kept pushing so that each of us could be where we are today. We are all standing on the shoulders of their work. They didn’t give up. They sat when they were told they had to stand. They spoke up when they were told to quiet down. They learned when no one was willing to teach. So, we must pick up that baton, that torch, and continue their journey.

Today, more than many times in our world’s history, we are regularly presented with a choice. A choice to allow the voices and experiences of exclusion to drive us further apart or to stand strong in the face of these realities and amplify the messages, actions and spirit of love that is inclusive. We can do this.

Keep pushing,

Damien Hooper-Campbell

Chief Diversity Officer at eBay