eBay Policy Lab Publishes New Latin America and the Caribbean Trade and Growth Report

October 7, 2017

The eBay Public Policy Lab has launched the Latin America and the Caribbean Small Online Business Growth Report, which focuses on how the online platform model of commerce is connecting   independent micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Peru to the global marketplace.

The report provides new trade and growth data across the seven countries for sellers with $10,000 USD or more in annual sales on the eBay marketplace (eBay-enabled SMEs).  This research describes how the online platform model of commerce has neutralized many of the historical trade costs that impeded MSMEs from reaching foreign markets. Armed with new platform-based marketing, shipping, payment and translation tools, these enterprises are embracing the opportunity to directly engage with global customers and export at unprecedented levels. Their geographical reach has also expanded to markets on nearly every continent. In the seven countries we researched, EVERY eBay-enabled MSME proved to be an exporter, and the majority of eBay-enabled MSMEs reached more than 10 markets with their goods. eBay-enabled MSMEs across LAC are effectively small global traders.

The research results presented in this report paint a picture of a much more inclusive model of commerce on multiple fronts. First, the export participation rates of eBay-enabled MSMEs far surpassed the level of traditional MSMEs that have not embraced online commerce. In addition, from a development perspective, the export participation rate and geographic reach of eBay-enabled MSMEs in the seven countries profiled mirrored similar enterprises in advanced economies on which we have reported.  Finally, and just as important, in the majority of countries covered in this report, the economic growth rates of eBay-enabled MSMEs exceeded their traditional economy averages.  The report concludes with country-specific policy recommendations aimed at enhancing the ability of technology-enabled MSMEs and entrepreneurs in these countries to access the global market.

Welcoming more MSMEs from across advanced and developing economies into the global market benefits consumers, offering them with more choice, and creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to build and grow their business. Our data paints a brighter future for these small businesses, and demonstrate that ecommerce platforms contribute greatly to the goal of a more inclusive global economy.

We invite people to explore our full catalogue of reports covering more than 50 countries across six continents to learn more about how eBay is empowering MSMEs, regardless of size and location, to connect with customers around the world at an unprecedented rate.