eBay Main Street Launches New Election Tool

August 26, 2020

Voting remains one of the most powerful civic actions a US citizen can take to make their voice heard. With the 2020 US election mere months away, eBay Main Street has launched a new civic action tool that is your one-stop resource for election and voting information. Our new tool easily allows you to:

  • Register to vote and check your registration status.
  • Learn about the candidates running in your district.
  • View voting instructions and election dates.
  • Find vote-by-mail, absentee ballot and early voting information.

In almost every election... 40-60% of adults do not participate."

Source: Civic Responsibility: The Power of Companies to Increase Voter Turnout, Harvard Kennedy School

Information empowers individuals. Our civic action tool is monitored daily and updated regularly, which is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. We urge you to take it for a test drive to learn more about voting and the candidates in your area.