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eBay Launches Ecommerce Advocacy Coalition to Protect Sellers

April 5, 2021

This week eBay and other leading ecommerce marketplaces launched the Coalition to Protect America’s Small Sellers (PASS Coalition), to further help protect the interests of everyday people, small online business entrepreneurs, and medium-sized businesses who sell online. The PASS Coalition will work to educate policymakers at the State and Federal levels on the benefits of third-party marketplaces and to establish thoughtful solutions to consumer protection and economic development issues impacting the ecommerce industry. The Coalition will support policy initiatives that favor small business growth, support entrepreneurship and digital innovation and ensure a safe, secure and convenient shopping experience for consumers.

Marketplaces are under attack at the State and Federal levels as opponents of ecommerce are actively pushing for marketplace reforms centered around seller verification and public information disclosure requirements to address counterfeits, organized retail crime and transparency concerns while calling for greater liability on marketplaces for fraudulent products. The PASS Coalition will better position eBay and other third-party marketplaces to provide a voice for our small online business sellers by opposing these harmful legislative proposals. In addition, the coalition will highlight the diversity of third-party business models and enforcement practices in order to avoid a one-size-fits all policy approach.

eBay is deeply committed to ensuring the safety of its users and has been recognized as an industry leader for its efforts to fight counterfeits and organized retail crime. eBay’s approach to prohibited items, including counterfeits and stolen goods, relies on fair and stringent policies, teams of dedicated personnel and content moderation efforts, advanced technology tools, and partnerships with government, law enforcement, and industry stakeholders.

Other founding members of the coalition include Etsy, Mercari, OfferUP, and Poshmark. More information on the PASS Coalition can be found in our press release.