eBay Honored With 2016 Australian Biosecurity Award

February 26, 2016

eBay Senior Manager for Global Regulatory and Policy Management Mike Carson

With Australians spending an estimated $37.8 billion online in 2014-15, internet purchases pose an increasing risk to their country’s biosecurity. Australians can purchase almost anything from almost anywhere in the world, from seeds to animal vaccines. But despite the threat, it is almost impossible to inspect every one of the millions of packages entering Australia from overseas every year. So the Australian government relies on strong partnerships to help safeguard Australia's biosecurity.  

eBay Senior Manager for Global Regulatory and Policy Management Mike Carson is one of those partners.  Working with the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Mike has reduced the number of restricted plants and seeds making it to the Australian border by preventing their purchase in the first place. He has created filters on our site to stop Australian customers from buying high-risk items such as tomato and capsicum seeds, and blocked sellers attempting to move products like giant African snails, live ants and moth larvae.

Mike’s efforts have likely prevented hundreds of high-risk packages from being shipped to Australia, reducing the chances of invasive species entering the country and freeing up biosecurity officers to focus on other priority areas. It is hoped that this important work will continue to prevent even more prohibited items from ever reaching the Australian border.

eBay thanks the Australian government for its recognition of Mike and the important work he does in helping to keep the Australian ecosystem safe.