eBay Expresses Appreciation for Shanghai Government’s Support

January 21, 2011

The Cross Boarder Trade (CBT) Government Relations team recently held their year-end report meeting in Wuzhen. Approximately 30 key government stakeholders attended, including Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (SCOFCOM), Shanghai Communications Administration (SHCA), Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization (SHEITC) and Shanghai police.

eBay\'s CBT Vice President, Jeff Liao, reported on the group\'s 2010 performance and presented a work plan for 2011. Jeff expressed that continued progress is, in part, due to the support from far-sighted government policies in Shanghai promoting e-commerce.

In response, government officials appreciated eBay\'s contribution in terms of creating employment, stamping out counterfeits online and growing exports. They believed that eBay is a progressive and responsible company, and expressed hopes to continue working with us.