eBay EU Leader Promotes Digital Transformation For Self-entrepreneurs

June 5, 2018

From left to right: J. A. Herce, Professor in Economics for the University of Complutense Madrid; S. Voces, General Manager for Southern Europe, eBay; M. Riera, Vice-President ATA; S. Mayo, General Secretary ATA; A. Nadal, Minister for Energy, Tourism, and the Digital Agenda; V. Cancio, CEO Zurich España; L. Amor, President, ATA; C. Ferrero, Executive Vice-President, ATA

Last week eBay’s General Manager for Southern Europe Susana Voces participated in the annual conference of the Spanish Self-Entrepreneurs Association (ATA). In the presence of the Spanish Minister for the Digital Agenda, Alvaro Nadal, she explained how platforms like eBay are a source of growth and opportunity for even the smallest of sellers, as they reduce key barriers to entry such as financial and time investment. The event was a great opportunity to highlight how eBay partners with Spanish SMBs and micro-sellers in their digital transformation, a challenge “central to the country’s future”, but which can be daunting in the face of the new required skills, according to the Minister. As the country awaits its new official Digital Strategy in the fall, eBay and its trade association Adigital also underlined the important role marketplaces played in favor of the internationalization of SMBs.