eBay-enabled Small Businesses Send Letter to President Obama on U.S. Trade Agenda

January 21, 2015

Last night, after the President’s State of the Union Address, a group of over 100 eBay-enabled small businesses sent a letter to President Obama not only commending him for his commitment to pursue an ambitious trade agenda this year, but also calling for the modernization of the United States’ trade policies. In the letter, the businesses explained that Internet-enabled small businesses like theirs are the economic backbone of our country and that unlike many traditional businesses, much of the economic contributions they make at home are the result of the opportunity they have seized abroad. However, the letter further explains that it is often difficult to maximize their full trade potential because of outdated trade policies around the world.

“Trade rules developed in a 'pre-Internet' era unnecessarily complicate international opportunities for our businesses. For example, domestic and international customs rules create real obstacles for us to increase exports, while open markets that allow for resale of goods and cross border data flows are critical to our participation in global commerce. Finally, countries must rethink how they integrate small businesses into global commerce, especially given the trade generated by small businesses like ours.”

The letter concluded with the small businesses expressing their support for the President’s pursuit of trade legislation and various trade negotiations this year. eBay Inc. also supports the modernization of the United States’ trade agenda and has recently launched a grassroots campaign to encourage lawmakers to move forward with important trade legislation this Congress.

Download the letter and learn more about eBay Inc.’s position on trade and to access our grassroots campaign.