eBay Interim CEO visits White House, Capitol Hill to discuss policies impacting customers

January 17, 2020

Every day, policy makers around the world are making important decisions that impact eBay and our customers. The eBay Government Relations team focuses on ensuring that eBay, and the millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses that utilize our platform, have a voice in the policymaking process and advocate for important issues such as fair trade, taxation and postal reform.

This week eBay Interim CEO Scott Schenkel was in Washington DC to meet with US government leaders to explain the unique role eBay’s platform plays in connecting US small businesses with global buyers. He had the opportunity to attend the US-China “Phase One” trade agreement signing ceremony at the White House, as well as meet US Cabinet Secretaries and key Members of Congress who play an important role on the policy issues that matter to eBay’s business and our small business customers. With 96% of eBay-enabled small businesses in the US exporting and reaching an average of 17 foreign countries, trade is hugely important to our global platform. Ensuring that large trading partners - like China - have fair and seamless customs and duties provisions is important to our sellers.

eBay’s platform connects buyers and sellers around the world and enables economic opportunity for millions – communicating this to government officials is a critical part of the work we do every day.  eBay Government Relations and eBay executive leadership will continue to advocate for our customers.