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eBay Celebrates 25 Years: The Most Interesting & Expensive Items Ever Sold on the Marketplace

August 24, 2020
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Editor’s note: To celebrate our 25th anniversary at eBay, our four-part series takes a look at shopping over the last quarter century on our marketplace. 

As the world’s most vibrant and unique marketplace, eBay has been home to some rare, trending and jaw-dropping finds over the years. From a Gigayacht and lunch with Warren Buffett to a Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus card, these big-ticket items have sold for between $250,000 to $168 million. That each listing ultimately found a buyer on eBay is the perfect example of what makes the marketplace so special. No matter the category — luxury vehicles, fine watches, collectibles, a literal town — there’s been someone out there looking for that exact thing each time. 

Spanning the years since eBay’s founding in 1995 to today, here are some of the most interesting and expensive purchases on the marketplace. 

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