eBay Calls For A Real Small Business Exemption In Any Internet Sales Tax Legislation

February 15, 2013

Yesterday, Members of Congress in both the House and Senate, with the backing of mega-billion dollar retailers and state tax officials, introduced Internet sales tax legislation that would allow state tax enforcement agents from one state to impose their sales tax laws on small businesses located in another state.  eBay opposes this misguided tax scheme and released a statement today opposing these bills.

Tod Cohen, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Global Government Relations at eBay Inc. said,“Small business retailers using the Internet are innovators using technology to grow a business, create jobs in local communities, and serve consumers with competitive alternatives. Congress should reject any Internet sales tax legislation that throws a new tax barrier in front of small businesses. A meaningful small business exemption that protects all small business retailers is a must.”

For more information on eBay’s position on these bills or if you want to join our campaign against this anti-small business legislation, please visit our Action Center.