eBay Announces Results of French Seller Survey and Launches Initiative to Bolster Local Small Businesses

April 18, 2019

*This article first appeared on https://www.ebaymainstreet.com/fr/ebaysengage

Based on an internal survey of its French professional sellers completed in February 2019, eBay shows the positive impact of the marketplace on French employment.  That same April, eBay launched its “Always Open on eBay” initiative designed to support traditional commerce.  In fact, on eBay, close to 1 in 5 professional sellers also owns a physical shop.

These initiatives showcase eBay’s purpose: to promote a more accountable and inclusive retail environment, in which merchants are supported and opportunities are accessible to all. In fact, according to the survey’s results:

·         83% declare that selling on eBay allowed them to generate income from a hobby. eBay has served as a springboard to turn their passion into a real professional and entrepreneurial project.

·         81% answered that selling on eBay helped them get their start with e-commerce but also allowed them to reach new markets.

·         Finally, showing how much merchants value our marketplace, 65% say they prefer eBay to other selling websites, and 71% affirm that eBay helps with providing them greater financial security.

The almost simultaneous launch of the “Always Open on eBay” initiative was therefore only logical. Specifically, eBay allows retailers to connect their physical shop with their eBay store thanks to:

·         A sticker with a QR code, enabling customers to discover all their eBay inventory with just one click.

·         Banners on eBay’s homepage to promote the initiative, a dedicated page for the subscribing shops and their inventories here: www.ebay.fr/rpp/toujours-ouvert-sur-ebay, a page for sellers willing to take part in the program: https://espacevendeurs.ebay.fr/toujours-ouvert-sur-ebay and communication tools (marketing and social networks).

This is a good opportunity to destroy the preconceived idea per which e-commerce would be local commerce’s worst enemy. eBay, thanks to its virtuous 100% partner model, wants to act as an entryway into digitalization for companies of all sizes and in all locations. eBay is also committed to carrying the voice of its sellers through initiatives, like this site, that promote the emergence of a framework for the development of online and international selling by SMBs in France and all over the world.