eBay and PayPal support the Initiative "Pro Net Neutrality"

August 25, 2010

The managing director of the online marketplace eBay, Dr. Stephan Zoll, and the managing Director of the online payment service PayPal, Gregor Bieler, and other employees of the company have signed the initiative "ProNet Neutrality”.  eBay thus supports the call for a legal establishment of the principle of network neutrality.

"A two-class society in the Internet would not only hinder competition, but also potentially threaten global trade, a trade which is of upmost benefit to the consumer through a tremendous selection at reasonable prices”, said Zoll. "The open and non-discriminatory Internet has spawned countless innovations. The loss of network neutrality would endanger innovation", fears Bieler.

The text of the initiative is available at http://pro-netzneutralitaet.de.  The initiative is supported among others by members of the Bundestag and members of the European Parliament from different parties. Some companies in the telecommunications and IT industry had recently publicly questioned the principle of Net Neutrality.