Dr. Ewa Björling, Swedish Minister for Trade, Headlines eBay Inc.’s "Think 3.0" Event

September 21, 2012

The internet has made it possible to trade across geographical distance. This presents companies and consumers with great new opportunities – but also new challenges.  Do policies match these new opportunities and challenges? That question was the starting point for Trade Minister Björling’s opening remarks at eBay Inc.’s Think 3.0 seminar in Stockholm on September 20, 2012.

“To make the most of the opportunities, it’s not enough to have technology, computer capacity and broadband. It’s also about the legal framework which too often is based on the traditional ways of trading”, said Trade Minister Björling.

Minister Björling recognised how the Internet has radically changed the conditions for cross-border trade: ”With a small investment, it’s now possible to reach an infinite audience and this means that companies and business ideas that previously did not scale, now have a chance to do so.”

”We, decision-makers, must take advantage of the new technology and create frameworks that provide opportunities not obstacles. In this way, we can contribute to growth and job creation”, said the Trade Minister

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