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2021 Policy Preview: The White House, Congress and the States

February 8, 2021

Recently, the eBay Government Relations team hosted a webinar for our Small Business Ambassador Network (SBAN) members. This virtual event took a look at the new policy priorities for the Biden administration, 117th US Congress, the states, as well as a preview of the eBay’s small business and ecommerce policy advocacy efforts in 2021.

The eBay State Government Relations team shared that 48 states have convened their 2021 legislative sessions while Florida is set to start in March and Louisiana in April. The top issues in the states in early 2021 are COVID-19, education, budget gaps, policing reform, voting and redistricting, and supporting small business while rebuilding the economy. As we represent eBay sellers and buyers in statehouses across the country, our State Government Relations team will be focused on legislation concerning taxes, new seller verification requirements, product liability for marketplaces and comprehensive consumer privacy laws.

At the federal level, our DC-based Federal Government Relations team highlighted the uncertainty that comes with a new Presidential Administration and new Members of Congress. President Biden has prioritized COVID-19 relief and expanded vaccine and testing resources, infrastructure reform, criminal justice reform, climate change, health care expansion, immigration reform and foreign relations. The US Senate is currently split 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats which has resulted in the need for the first power sharing agreement since 2001 and sets the groundwork for a hard-fought 2022 election cycle. In the US House of Representatives, Democrats hold an edge with 222 seats vs. 213 for Republicans which will make it easier for Democrats to move forward their legislative priorities. The new administration and the Senate are currently focused on the upcoming impeachments trial, trying to pass a third stimulus package and voting on President Biden’s cabinet nominees. This year, the eBay Federal Government Relations team will be focused on an important group of legislative issues affecting both eBay and our customers, including small business regulatory flexibility, small business loans, tax reform, issues around platform trust & safety (i.e. seller requirements, personal information disclosure, product restrictions, etc.) as well as the Postal Service (i.e. service issues, funding, postal service reform, etc.).

We would like to thank our SBAN community for attending and participating. If you’d like view the webinar simply click here.