Yinka Ogunsunlade

eBay has played a vital role in keeping my business running during the pandemic. COVID made it difficult to source new items and house my inventory. Thanks to eBay, I can shop online for new inventory and easily list and quickly resell items to people all over the world. I have been able to use eBay and the Internet for every aspect of my business’ survival.

Yinka Ogunsunlade, Owner

Yinka Ogunsunlade

Yinka Ogunsunlade

Silver Spring, Maryland

Has a Brick and Mortar location

2 Employees

Fashionably Legal

Yinka Ogunsunlade, a lawyer by trade, is able to combine his love of the law and his entrepreneurial spirit with his online store, Fashionably Legal. Years ago, Yinka’s Mother asked him to help her dispense with clutter around the house. He decided to list some of the miscellaneous items on eBay and was surprised by how quickly they sold. Yinka enjoyed the process and soon found himself selling more and more on eBay. Eventually he narrowed his focus to fashion sales and Fashionably Legal was born. “Technology and the internet have played a vital role in my business,” Yinka explains. “I use the internet for every aspect of my business. I can find out what stores are having sales and shop online, and I can list items on my phone and sell them to people all over the world.”