Travis Baird

My business success has often been decided by the choices I have made - good and bad. But as we grow, the need to ensure every team member is a winner and that every teammate has the ability to grow and succeed becomes increasingly important. I consider my team members family and their success is absolutely critical for somany reasons. I would like to believe that my determination to succeed the right way despite the odds has helped create a culture that will foster growth beyond what I can comprehend and ultimately take on a life of its own.

Travis Baird, Owner

Travis Baird

Travis Baird

Elkhart, Indiana, USA

SpeedOutfitters operates out of a 7,000 sq. ft. brick and mortar store.

SpeedOutfitters employs 10 individuals.

The business exports 41% of its products.


Motorcycle enthusiast and economist Travis Baird started SpeedOutfitters shortly after finishing college in 2004. The business started with a mere $3500 and Travis as the sole employee. Travis started SpeedOutfitters as a traditional retail store named Baird Motorcycles, before expanding to online sales. From parts and accessories to apparel, SpeedOutfitters can satisfy all of its customers’ street and off-road motorcycling and power-sport needs. With hard work and determination and the help of platformslike eBay, Travis expects to continue expanding operations to employ 12-15 full-time workers by the end of the year. The last two years Travis chose to take heavy losses in order to reinvest in technology and will forgo a salary in 2015 in order to maximize reinvestment in the business. Selling internationally is absolutely vital to the business, with roughly 41% of total sales traveling outside the United States to an average of 131 different countries. The ability to trade greatly affects the domestic selling strategyof SpeedOutfitters. Owning his own business also allows Travis and his staff to help raise and donate funds for charities like the Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. In past years, annual contributions tothe organization have exceeded $15,000.